Flapper #1118 (1988)
Flapper #1118 (1988)
Christmas Caroling #1149 (1992)
Holly #1135 (1990)
Rapunzel #1131 (1989)
Colleen #1121 (1988)
Iris #1112 (1987)
Sleeping Beauty #1141 (1991)
Frency Aristocrat #1143 (1992)
Lily #1114 (1987)
Babette #1117 (1988)
Gibson Girl #1124 (1988)
Paulette #1128 (1989)
Flower Girl #1122 (1988)
Daisy #1110 (1987)
Claudette #1123 (1989)
Violetta #1116 (1987)
Anastasia #1125 (1988)
Belle of the Ball #1120 (1989)
Rosette #1115 (1987)
Opening Night #1126 (1989)
Nicole #1129 (1989)
Jasmin #1113 (1987)
Sailorette #1119 (1988)
Cinderella #1137 (1990)
Cowgirl #1132 (1990)
American Beauty #1142 (1991)
10 Inch Cissette Portrettes Dolls
The portrettes collection are dressed in styles that evoke the romance of the past, the fashionable times that followed and the present day designs that still mirror all that is beautiful and feminine. Cissette was introduced in the line in 1957. She had a ten inch adult body, knees that bend and her feet were molded for high heels. Her clothing was tagged Cissette. In 1961 and 1962 the Jacqueline doll and in 1961 the Margot doll was introduced, both using the Cissette face and body. Production of Cissette dolls continued until 1963. Cissette was reintroduced in the line in 1987. My dolls are all from 1987 and go through 1992 in this Portrette Series. The ten inch Portrettes Series is my favorite of all the series.
Madame Alexander Dolls
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