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#867 Midge Mix & Match Gift Set (1963)

This hard to find Sears exclusive gift set and the only one released in 1963 was for Barbie's best friend, Midge. The box is dated 1963, but some books show it's release in 1964. This adorable set included a Midge doll dresseed in her two-piece swim suit, black wire stand and fashion booklet. Also included was a black and white full gathered skirt, white square neck sweater, white cardigan sweater, orange scoop neck play suit, orange belt, orange clutch purse, white clutch purse, orange white open toe heels, white open toe heels, black bra and panties, and white sunglasses with blue lenses.
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#863 Fashion Queen Barbie and Her Friends (1963 and 1964)

This set came with three dolls; Fashion Queen Barbie (with three wigs and wig stand), Midge, and painted head Ken. These dolls were dressed in their swimsuits and each came with their wire stand. There was also a fashion booklet in the box. (Note: These dolls are not shown in the original gift set box)
#861 Barbie Mix 'n Match Gift Set

This set was came with a Bubblecut Barbie doll in her red one-piece swim-suit and many of the pak items to make 26 different outfits. There is a pink gathered skirt, pink cardigan, pink square neck sweater, white clutch purse, white short gloves, pink open toe heels, white sunglasses with blue lenses, orange scoop neck playsuit, orange wide belt, orange open toe heels, blue panties, blue bra, orange slacks, orange cotton slim sheath skirt, white shorts, red and white tee shirt, black and white gathered skirt, white open toe heels, white telephone, pearl graduated necklace, pearl braclet, and pearl post earrings. It comes with the Barbie and Ken fashion booklet and Barbie's wire stand.

Note: This set has also been seen without the pink gathered skirt which was replaced with the orange gathered skirt and the orange sheath skirt which was replaced with the pink sheath skirt. Also, the white phone was replaced with the black phone.
#864 Fashion Queen Barbie and Ken Trousseau Set (1963 and 1964)

This big set came with two dolls; Fashion Queen Barbie with three wigs, wig stand in orange box with no box top, and painted head Ken in white box with box liner and no box top. Both of these dolls were dressed in their swimsuits and each came with a black wire stand.

Barbie's Pak item clothing that were in the set were an orange belle dress, white cardigan sweater, orange play suit with wide yellow belt, white clutch purse, black and white gathered skirt. Other clothing items she had were #947 brides dream wedding ensemble (satin wedding dress, tulle veil, fabric flower bouguet, long white gloves, white open toe heels, blue garter, graduated pearl necklace), #933 movie date dress with blue open toe heels and blue clutch purse added, #919 blue Undergarments (the bra and panties only).

Kens clothes consisted of #783 sport shorts (shorts, shirt, socks and shoes) red hat from #788 rally day, #780 under shorts only, #787 Tuxedo (Jacket, shirt, pants, cummerbund, socks, shoes). He wore a white satin bow tie rather than the one to the Tuxedo ensemble which is exclusive to this set. He also had the pants, shirt, tie, and jacket from #786 saturday date.
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Contents shown not in original box and belt should be orange, not red.
Missing in picture: 1 pink open toe shoe
Also seen with these two skirts which replaced the pink gathered skirt and the orange slim skirt.
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